Welcome to my 100Minds Fundraising Page!

Over the next 100 days I will be trying to raise as many funds as I can for the Temple Street Children's Hospital. This year the donations will be put towards new ultrasound equipment for the radiology department which will make the lives of the patients, doctors, nurses and other hospital staff much easier.
I am excited to get started and raise these much needed funds to make a difference in so many lives, not only of the sick children, but also those around them.
I believe it is important to help those in need in any way we can and the 100Minds project means we can do that, while learning and improving on skills such as organisation, communication and leadership.
It's an incredible way to give back to the community, and would help prepare me for the future, both in my career and future volunteering. This is an unmissable opportunity, and one I am extremely excited to participate in.

Thank you for any and all donations!

Recent Donations

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