We go through our daily lives, our own schedules and our routines; we often get so caught up in ourselves that we tend to forget about everyone else. It’s not selfish. We’re only human.

I’m sure most of you have heard the saying "pay it forward.” When people see others do good, they are usually inspired or touched by the gesture. You help someone, they are inspired and then they help someone else. Before you know it, maybe hundreds of people have been influenced or inspired in some way, shape or form. All because you chose to do one small, simple thing.

100 minds is a wonderful opportunity for me to raise funds for a brilliant cause: Temple Street Children’s Hospital. This year's donations will contribute to the development of a of a new Radiology Ultrasound Room & Sedation Facilities which is vital to help support sick children in Temple Street, every minute every day.

Over the next 100 days I aim to reach my target of €1,000 through online donations and fundraising events. The simplicity to paying it forward is a beautiful thing. Contrary to what many people believe, it does only take one person to make a difference, and who says that one person can't be you?

Any donations big or small will make a huge difference and will go directly into the bank account of Temple Street Children's Hospital. If you've any questions about 100minds feel free to email me at fernanab@tcd.ie.

Many thanks,

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