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my name is Danny. I’m from a beautiful country Taiwan.I’m currently studying in DIT and really honored to represent my school to the fundraising.

100minds is a social enterprise project that allows students to use their creativity to raise money in a limited time. The deadline is on 15, Feb. All the money will go directly to Temple Street Children’s Hospital to help children in need.

Any donation big or small would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for reading and please donate!
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感謝各位朋友參觀此網頁, 亞樵從小受到許多朋友的幫助,求學一路還算順利,因為旁人願意給予許多的機會。可是社會上仍有許多人起跑 線較落後,需要更努力才

我大學在課餘之時會到課輔中心志願當課輔老師,我體會到在幫助他人時其實也是幫助自己,這次很榮幸能代表學校做一個募資project, 幫重症孩童醫院(Temple Street Children's Hospital)募款,期限到2/15,您捐助的錢全部會進到醫院購買設備救助孩童。

PS 請直接點擊右上角Donate(可匿名),捐助完當下會立即收到一份收據。

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