This year, I have been given the wonderful opportunity to showcase my skill set and give back to the community that has welcomed me with open arms and made it possible for me to chase my dream of becoming a successful event manager somewhere down the line, thanks to 100minds.

100minds is a social enterprise project that brings together some of Ireland’s top college students and connects them with one cause to achieve big goals in a short space of time. 100minds currently runs an annual student oriented fundraiser to support Temple Street Children's Hospital, Dublin.

The one important goal of Temple Street Hospital is to help save the lives of critically ill children in Ireland, now and for generations to come. Every day parents place their trust in Temple Street’s amazing doctors and nurses to make their brave little ones better by making sure every child gets the future they deserve. It is only with the help of its loyal supporters that they are able to buy state of the art equipment, fund research and put life back into tired old wards. Many of the hospital’s sickest kids depend on equipment generously funded by the public and initiatives such as 100minds.

The money collected through this fundraiser will be split across 3 critical areas – life-saving equipment, patient and parental support services and play therapy.

Equipment Replacement Fund to purchase eight Nasophayngeal Endoscopes for our ENT and Speech and Language Departments, as well as a VuMax HD A/B Ultrasound Scanner for Theatre.

When a child is sick in hospital it places a huge amount of emotional and financial stress on everyone – parents, siblings and friends, so it’s often the little things that people remember most. The Hope Fund allows the Medical Social Work Department to assess a family’s needs and offer them extra support when needed.

When a child is admitted to hospital they see approximately 52 new faces during their visit. This can be overwhelming, intimidating and sometimes even frightening. The Play Therapy Department in Temple Street plays a vital role in helping to create a welcoming, non-clinical and fun environment for the children in our care. That’s why every year the Play Department hosts four special events at Easter, Summer, Halloween and Christmas. These events ensure that children who are in hospital for special occasions don’t miss out.

So, what am I going to be doing to raise funds for this cause?
(Stay tuned for more details coming SOON)

For more details, follow the below links:

What is 100minds - https://youtu.be/F5b-QVARVt0
How 100minds contributes to Temple Street Hospital - https://youtu.be/eGNVXLxrvj4
Temple Street Hospital and the wonderful work they do - https://youtu.be/WWHJy_XJfX4

Don't forget to share this link with all your family and friends across ALL your social media platforms! Any contributions no matter how little or large will be greatly appreciated!

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