Goal reached: €1,515 of €1,000

I am a 22 year old student in Trinity College Dublin, where I am currently pursuing a masters degree in Human Resources Management.
Since its establishment in 2013, 100minds has raised over €1.2million for Irish children’s charities. This year I aim to raise €1000+ for Temple Street hospital while working on the 100 minds social enterprise project.

I have a young brother named Conor. Who, a few of years ago fell extremely ill. Conor had been to the doctors on a weekly basis for months, but they could not distinguish what was wrong with him. He went from a chest infection, to bronchitis, to pneumonia.
On Christmas eve, when Conor was 7 months old, my parents packed up to bring him to Temple Street Hospital. I held my baby brother as he screamed in pain, singing “me and my teddy bear, have no worries have no cares” this usually worked, so I was panicking at the fact the tears were not easing. My parents rushed him to Temple Street, where they spent Christmas and New Years of 2010.
The surgeon in Temple Street hospital informed my parents that Conor’s left lung was full of fluid, and he was relying on his right lung to survive. At this stage the fluid was also beginning to fill his right lung. The team operated and inserted a drain into Conor’s lungs. They saved Conors life, as they have done for thousands of others.
Fast-forward eight years and Conor is a healthy, happy scout, with a scar the size of a 5c coin on his chest, but a long story to match it.

The team in Temple Street- they are saving lives on a daily basis. Please help me to support them. Don't allow the hard work to go unnoticed.

Thank you for reading,

Aoife McDonnell

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