Goal reached: €3,600 of €1,000

My name is Tom Ryan and I am a first year Actuarial Science student. I, along with 1000 other Irish students was chosen to be a member of the 100minds team of 2016. 100minds is a non profitable organisation that connects university students with a chosen charity and helps the students raise money for that charity. In 2014, students exceeded their goal of raising €100,000 for Temple Street Children’s hospital and in 2015, they exceeded their goal of raising €150,000 for Barnardos and Blossom Ireland. This year, the goal is for 1000 students to raise €1000 each which is €1million in total for Childline between November 2015 and 16th April 2016. To raise this sort of money, hard work and creativity will be required, but I believe I am up to the task. The goals we are trying to reach as a group, and the excellent cause the money is going towards provide more than enough motivation, and I look forward to the task ahead of me.

After months of brainstorming, I have decided to go ahead with one fundraiser which I am confident will raise some much needed money for Childline. I will team up with fellow 100minds participant Robert Blake for the intended fundraising project involves Leopardstown racecourse on the 6th of April (student race day). Our intention is to sell 170 tickets @€30 to students which covers: Admission to the racecourse Race card Access to the Panoramic Suite. Finger Food. €5 free bet. Raffle. Admission to city centre nightclubs that night

I am actively seeking sponsorship from some companies within the horse racing sector to cover the costs of food and admission to the races. Leopardstown racecourse has very kindly agreed to support me by offering their Panoramic Suite as the venue free of charge. My personal goal is to raise in excess of €4000 which I believe can be achieved with sponsorship. The sponsors will be acknowledged on my 100minds profile which is accessible on the 100minds website. They will also be able to decorate the Suite on the day with different advertisements. Post the event, I will give feedback to all sponsors in relation to the monies raised. If you are interested in buying a ticket to my event, you can get in touch via email: tomr1996@hotmail.com. You can also do the very same if you are interested in sponsoring the event or if you have any advise that can help me with my project. Thanks for visiting my profile and of course any donation is greatly appreciated.

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