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That’s All Folks!

Posted: about 5 years ago

Cannot believe that my 100minds journey has come to an end. Have to say that it has probably been the best and most rewarding project that I have been involved in since starting college. With 100minds, I went through a variety of emotions from feelings of excitement of doing something that was creating so much positive impact, to feelings of stress and anxiety surrounding the success of my events. I feel like I have learned a lot and developed countless skills that will benefit me in the future including organisation, time management, event promotion and commitment to task to name only a handful! I want to take this opportunity to thank a few key people and sponsors, without whom, I would not have succeeded in reaching my target:

-Every single person who donated to the cause: you’re awesome!

-My family and friends who supported me in every project and event I undertook.

-Robbie and the whole team at D1 casino who selflessly donated their time and professional service to my poker and games night.

-The Dog House Blues and Tea Rooms for being so generous in providing the space for my event.

-Everyone who donated prizes including Delta Force Paintballing, Tropical Popical, Boojum, Kanoodle, Pride and Joy and Minetta Deli.

-Fr. Killian and Barbara Farrell from Church of the Assumption Howth for being so accommodating and everyone in Howth Parish who supported me!

-Declan Egan. I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to work with Dec. His work ethic is truly inspiring and the way in which he engages with and believes in every participant is a testament to his character and commitment to 100minds.

-Finally, my mentor Kevin Cassidy. I have had the privilege to have Kevin as my mentor, always on hand at any time of the day with great advice or a solution to any ‘disaster’ that presented itself! A huge help and source of support over the past few months who always made time to help me out.

100minds has had a huge impact on me and I’m so proud to have been a part of something that is going to positively impact so many children and their families around Ireland. Anyone who is thinking about taking part next year, all I can say is APPLY APPLY APPLY! If you want to challenge yourself and make a positive difference along the way then go for it! There is a real sense of community among the participants as everyone is striving towards a common goal which has probably been my favourite part of the whole experience and I can say that even though my 100minds project is finished, I will continue to support it in the coming years as it continues to grow. Id even love to become a mentor myself one day!

Thanks Again Everybody!

Over and Out, Kelly x

Target=Hit! BOOM

Posted: over 5 years ago

Delighted to say that I have hit my 100minds target! Absolutely over the moon and I’m absolutely bowled over by the generosity and support that I have received. A bucket collection I organised in my local parish pushed me over the mark and through this I raised a staggering €1001.60! I still have a poker and games night to host next tuesday which will hopefully bring in a little more. #impact

Seeking Sponsorship

Posted: over 5 years ago

Have been sending the past few days sending out some letters and emails seeking raffle prizes and sponsorship for the events. Here's hoping-ill keep you posted!

Keeping it Local

Posted: over 5 years ago

Finally last assignment of 2014 has been handed in and I have a lot more time to dedicate to fundraising. 100minds is giving me the lovely opportunity of reconnecting with my community. Over the next few weeks I'm going to do some bucket collections in my local church so hoping that ill be able to make the most of the giving spirit of Christmas time :)

XMAS Holiday Planning!

Posted: over 5 years ago

With assignments FINALLY winding down, I'm going to have a lot more time to put some plans into action. So far, I'm in the early phases of planning two events, the first is a movie screening in my former primary school and the second is a BYOB poker and games night in my hometown!

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