Goal reached: €2,427.90 of €1,000

Welcome to my 100 Minds Fundraising page! I am so excited to get started and raise these much needed funds for such as amazing cause. I believe this is a fantastic idea and a really hands on way to make a significant difference in so many lives, not only of the sick children but also those around them.

It is an unrivaled way to meet so many interesting and inspiring people, from both the volunteering side and those who are dealing will illness themselves.

With 100 minds, having raised all the money myself, I will visually see the impact it will have right in front of my eyes, something I think would be an amazing experience and one I know I would value forever. It would be an incredible way to give back to the community that has already given me so much, and would help prepare me for the future, both in my career and future volunteering. This is an unmissable opportunity, and one I am extremely excited to participate in.

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