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Highlights from the Tag Fundraiser

Posted: over 6 years ago

All the people I want to give special thanks to are mentioned at the end of this video. The success of this event would not be possible without their help. Thanks to Gavin Thornberry for helping our event out with this brilliant video.

We are delighted how well the night went in Madison. Madison were unbelievably good to us. It didn't look like this event was going to go ahead when I got a call late on Friday night from Old Belvedere RFC. They told me the pitches were flooded and it was highly unlikely we would be able to use them. But thanks to Wanderers RFC who accommodated us late on Friday the 27/12/2013 it was able to be a success. Thanks to both Wanderers and Madison a total of €6,057.00 was raised on the day. This will be of enormous help to the children and families of Temple Street Children's Hospital.

I also want to thank everyone who showed up and took part.

Take a look at the highlights below.


Great morning down in Wanderers Rugby Club, where 100minds participants Ellen Butler, Mick Burke, Ronan McNamara... http://t.co/QMvSFnVlFS

— GavinThornberry.ie (@GavinThornberry) December 28, 2013

€45,000 raised! #HappyNewYear to supporters & amazing participants! On track for @Temple_Street in 2014 #100minds pic.twitter.com/NsqwPECQJv

— 100minds (@100_minds) December 31, 2013

Its still dark out but im going to forcast ideal conditions for 100 minds tag rugby today,k.o in wanderers at 11!! #bringthekids #100minds

— Dearbhla Gavin (@swerrrrrrrrv) December 28, 2013




Tag Rugby Tournament

Posted: almost 7 years ago

Paul Quinn, Ellen Butler, Michael Burke and I have decided to run a tag rugby event in Wanderers RFC and a night out afterwards in Madison Nightclub. The idea appealed to us immediately when we were talking at the launch of 100minds. So we decided pursue it.

As we all know the social aspect in Dublin lies within the pub throughout December. There is not that much going on. We felt an easy going, social activity that involves both male and female seemed like it could work. Our tag idea involved all of these attributes. We all know the Irish weather is unpredictable so that remained a worry but you can't let the Irish weather hold you back, you would get nowhere if you did.

We all met on November 20th. We nominated Ellen to coordinate what tasks needed to be done and by who. Paul was set the task of organising a meet with a nightclub. I had to organise the venue and a production company to shoot a short video of the event. Michael set up the Facebook event page and Ellen sorted supplies and sponsorship. These were the basics that needed to be sorted immediately and we felt this was the most efficient way.

Paul got a meeting with Madison sorted straight away. It cannot be underestimated how accommodating and helpful Madison were to us. They are doing not only a great deal for us but also the children in Temple Street. This meeting was a great boost and Madison proved to be a great attraction for those taking part in the tournament.

Getting a venue for the event was not as easy as I first anticipated. I got onto as many clubs as I could. Then I also used the connections I had in those clubs to try and fast track permission for the use of the various clubs facilities. Lansdowne RFC replied first with a positive response. However we quickly realised the vast amount of players and limited space in Lansdowne was not going to work in winter. So we switched our attention to UCD, whose facilities were not available, and the lack of a clubhouse in winter was also not ideal. Old Belvedere fortunately then got back to us with good news. Their open mentality towards our project was great and we looked forward to using their fantastic facilities.

However, on Friday the 27th of December I received a call at 19:00pm. The club secretary from Belvedere got in contact to tell me the grounds commission in Belvedere had ruled out one of the pitches for use and that it was unlikely we could use the other two pitches. All our work up to this point was put into the hands of an answer at 9:00am on the 28th of December. This was not ideal. I got in contact with Ellen to let her know. Immediately I decided to look for alternative venues close by to Old Belvedere. The first club I contacted fortunately picked up. It was Wanderers RFC and they let me know that if they could get staff and if they had enough stock in the bar that it would be absolutely fine to run the event there. At about 19:30pm on the 27th of December, it was confirmed, the venue was changed. I was absolutely delighted to have assurance that the tournament would definitely go ahead and that it was not too far from the previous venue we had booked. I let Belvedere know that we had moved venue.

On the day of the event Gavin Thornberry kindly helped us out with the production of the video of the Tag event on the 28th of December. I saw the great videography work he had done with Leinster and his website GavinThornberry.ie. We approached him about helping us out. It wasn't an issue, Gavin got back to me immediately and said he would love to help a great cause like Temple Street Children's Hospital. This video was edited and put together for us before the night out in Madison. This helped us market the night out as well which was brilliant for publicity.

With both venues sorted we could now get around to launching the event page and inviting people to register teams. A lot of thought went into the logistics before we launched the page. How many teams could we allow play to keep the tournament run within our schedule. How we would get people to register etc. Michael did a great job with the event page. What we were not expecting was the phenomenal response to the tournament. We had sold out the tournament within the night and had to allocate more space for more teams.

We sorted all of our supplies thanks to Ellen's and Dominic Ryan's hard work. Ellen also secured sponsorship from Donnybrook Fair and KC peaches. We are delighted with how everything went and there are some fantastic memories to take from it. Personally I gained invaluable experience on how to launch manage and run an event for over 200 people. There short time span we had to launch this event, with college exams ongoing at the same time it, made it very difficult especially with the christmas break. Thanks to good organisation and good weather it all worked out. There is no doubt if I was to run it again I would change some things but that's what you learn with experience. And of course every cent of the money is going towards a great cause.

Here is a link to the event page:


I also want to thank everyone who registered for the tournament. It will be well worth it.

You can see the video in the highlights of the Tag tournament update on my profile.

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