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Who we are

100minds is a social enterprise project founded in 2013, that brings together some of Ireland’s top college students and connects them with one cause to achieve big goals in a short space of time. 100minds was founded and run by Declan Egan, a former UCD student from its inception in 2013 until June 2016 when he handed it over to Temple Street Foundation – the charity he worked with in year one. As founder, Declan remains close to the project, acting as a mentor and friend to the Foundation. Since it started, 100minds has raised just under €1million for four Irish charities – a phenomenal achievement. Temple Street Foundation looks forward to working with 100minds students, mentors and partners for many years to come.

What We Do

100minds connects 3rd level studentswith a worthy cause and encourages them to run fundraising projects that will help develop their skill set and apply their theoretical learning’s from college in a practical manner. Each student is assigned a mentor to support them throughout their fundraising efforts for Temple Street Children’s Hospital. Our mentors are a group of recent graduates working in some of Ireland’s top companies. Over the years we have been fortunate to have amazing mentors from a range of high profile organisations including Twitter, Google, KPMG, Bank of Ireland, Arthur Cox and Accenture.

Our Objective

To support the life-saving work carried out in Temple Street Foundation whilst assisting the students who take part in 100minds to gain practical work experience, gain access to a professiona lmentor within an industry they are interested in to assist with their fundraising project, their CV, career discussions and to help students gain practical work experience through fundraising which they can leverage on their CVs and for future interviews.

How It Works

We recruit 100 proactive college students from across the country and challenge them to raise €1,000 each in a creative and entrepreneurial way for Temple Street Children’s Hospital.

Every participant who joins 100minds is partnered with a mentor (a recent graduate now in full-time employment). The role of the mentor is to motivate the participant in achieving their fundraising goal, advise on any project initiatives, provide assistance if the participant is struggling and also to give tips and guidance to the participant on how to secure a job when they finish college.

Each participant is given an online profile page on the 100minds website. It acts as a fundraising hub for the participant to track and log their progress and provides them with a platform from which they can blog about the experience and highlight new skills gained.It also allows the students to collect money via credit/debit card payments. This money is transferred directly in Temple Street Foundations bank account.


  • How do I get involved?

    Simply sign up to 100minds on the links above and submit your application.

  • What are the start and end dates for 100minds this year?

    Student applications open in September 2016 and close on October 21st. Fundraising commences on November 10th 2016 and you have until February 16th 2017 to reach your fundraising goal of €1,000

  • What is 100minds?

    100minds is a social enterprise project that connects a very worthy charity - Temple Street Foundation - with impassioned students who engage in a focused, short term fundraising project with one collective target and agreed objective.

  • What are the objectives of 100minds?

    By pooling the resources of our mentor network and participants, we achieve large scale positive impact within society that's measurable, tracked and transparent. Through the deployment of our mentor and participant network and by successfully hitting our targets and realising our plans, we aim to inspire more students to get involved in charitable and entrepreneurial activities. Finally, we aim to help educate students through practical means in order to help them become better project managers, entrepreneurs and doers.

  • Can I do 100minds in final year?

    Yes! The majority of our past participants have been in final year. We find that 100minds participants in final year tend to get the most out of the project and particularly value the mentorship available and connection with the companies involved.

  • What are the benefits of getting involved?

    In addition to making a significant social impact within society you’ll be challenged to fundraise €1,000 and provided with a professional mentor to assist you in your fundraising project. We’ve setup 100minds so that you can learn new skills by doing, network with people in your desired career field and gain some great experience for your CV and for future interviews - all whilst doing good :)

  • What happens if I don’t hit my €1,000 target?

    Absolutely nothing - taking part and trying your hand at your own miniscale project is what matters most! We want to encourage a learn by doing environment and you shouldn’t be afraid of trial and error. With 100minds we want to emulate a real working experience so we provide you with the tools, such as your online profile page and mentor, to succeed and apply launch dates and deadlines - just like in the real working world!

  • How do I hit my €1,000 target?

    We encourage students to do anything that involved aspects of project management. This can be anything from running a coffee morning in your local community, running an astro football tournament or something based on a skills exchange such as fundraising through music lessons or running digital classes for older members of your community. The concept or project doesn’t have to be big, taking part, learning new skills and making a difference is what matters most.

  • How does the 100minds mentorship work?

    100minds mentorship works by connecting students who are undertaking the challenge with a professional mentor working in one of Ireland’s top firms. A mentor's primary objective is to assist the student in hitting their fundraising goal of €1,000. The mentors secondary objective is to assist the student with their CV and discuss with them their plans after college. This is considerably valuable as students have 1:1 personal access to their mentor.