Thank you for taking the time to visit my 100minds profile.

My name is Niamh Ryan and I am currently studying Business and Law in UCD. I am honored to be part of this years 100minds project and to have the opportunity to help raise funds for the excellent charity Childline.

100minds is a completely transparent, non profit organisation that gives Ireland's 3rd level students the opportunity to make a difference. This year, 1000 of us will aim to raise €1,000,000 to help aid children in Ireland who need a facility to voice their problems. I think that this is a wonderful initiative and I hope to learn and develop my skills while also making an impact in our society.

Childline phoneline is a 24 hour service and empowers, supports, and protects young people. The charity is run on a voluntary basis by professionally trained ISPCC staff. All the services are all free and confidential and volunteers work endlessly to ensure that every child's call is answered. For the charity to remain as a 24 hour service, constant support and funding is required. This is where 100minds hopes to help.

Your donation, no matter how big or small, will make a massive difference in the lives of these children, who need a place to chat to someone in a confidential, open setting. I will be running a number of fundraising events throughout the duration of the project and I would greatly appreciate your support on my '100minds' campaign. I will keep up to date blog posts in regard upcoming events.

Donating is Simple. Just click the 'Donate Now' button in the top right hand corner. The money that leaves your bank account will be go directly to Childine. To find more information on the impact your donations will make just visit