Welcome everyone and thank you for taking time to have a look at my 100 minds profile

This page will be updated throughout the 100 days of fundraising and I will keep you all posted as to progress of the event I have in mind.

Having heard about the 100 minds campaign last year I was devastated I could not be part of the starting team having been in Hong Kong on Exchange. However this year I am delighted to have been chosen to represent the 100 minds brand and be part of this huge team effort to raise €150,000 for 2 superb Irish Charities.

100minds is a unique opportunity for students around Ireland to make a positive contribution to society. Keeping it local this year and 100 minds team have chosen two Superb Charities this year. The overall goal is for 150 students to raise €150,000 collectively for Barnardos (www.barnardos.ie) and Blossom Ireland (www.blossomireland.ie) two brilliant children’s charities who offer unrivalled aid to those in need. Both charities do remarkable work and make such a huge difference to the lives of hundreds of children throughout Ireland.

I personally have an individual minimum target of €1000. A combination of my entrepreneurial and networking skills has brought together a bunch of students to a Cocktail evening in aid of the cause.

Donations received on this page go directly to the bank accounts of Barnardos and Blossom Ireland. Its a simple process, just click the donate now button at the top right of the screen and this will bring you through the process.

In advance I would like to thank all who aid in my preparation and to everyone who donates to these two very worthy causes.

Stay tuned to this page for more updates throughout.

You are more than welcome to email me at oreillan@tcd.ie and any feedback is encouraged.

All the best