Well hello there and welcome to my 100 minds profile. Ill be sharing updates and tracking my progress here over the coming weeks.

I am a final year marketing and languages student in DCU. I'm delighted to be part of this years 100 minds team. It is such a simple yet effective idea. Alone raising €150,000 is an insurmountable task, but this team of 100 driven, young students has been provided with a platform on which we can each prove what we are made of, all the while contributing hugely to two deserving charities, Barnardos and Blossom Ireland. You can find out more about these charities and the amazing work that they do in the links below, words really don't do them justice: Blossom Ireland - http://www.blossomireland.ie/events.asp Barnardos - http://www.barnardos.ie/

After hearing about the success of last year and the profound impact it had on so many people I have been inspired to think big for my fundraising events in hopes of surpassing my €1,000 target.

I am really excited to start this task and hit the ground running with a few of my ideas. I promise the events will be good fun as well as contributing to changing the lives of children in Ireland, it's a win win! I've a few interesting ideas in mind so make sure to revisit this profile for my event updates.

So how can you help? Firstly, tell everyone you know about the 100 minds project, the aim is to get as many people involved as possible and getting the word out there is the way to do it! The more help and involvement the better. Secondly, head over to the big red 'donate now' button to the top right hand corner of my profile -------> and if you would like to donate any amount of money, no contribution is too big or too small, just click and donate, it's that simple. Every cent goes straight to Barnardos and Blossom Ireland, the impact it will have is immeasurable.

Have a look and see for yourself exactly where your donationas will be going ----> http://www.100minds.org/blossom-barnardos

Thank you in advance for any donations, they are truly appreciated and i'll keep you guys posted on my upcoming events over the coming weeks :)

Thanks guys