I am truly passionate about entrepreneurship and about using entrepreneurial activity in a variety of different guises. With 100minds I intend to use my entrepreneurial ability to fundraise €1000 for social enterprises such as Barnardos and Blossom Ireland. Both these charities are dedicated to creating a happy and safe environment in which children can prosper, develop and reach their full potential.

The 100minds concept is genius as the initiative not only supports worthy charitable causes, but also enables me to further develop meaningful skills - skills like commitment, persistence, organisation, leadership and project management skills. Only by doing and participating in initiatives like 100 minds will I be able to hone these skills and contribute effectively to society.

As a student of Entrepreneurship in IADT, my approach to 100minds is to fundraise in creative and innovative ways. I will be organising a number of events over the next 100 days to reach my goal. To keep track of my process simply click the updates above.

All donations, big or small will help me and 100minds to achieve the fundraising goal. Please click donate now! Funds are sent directly to Barnardos and Blossom Ireland. To find out more about the two charities and see the spending breakdown visit http://www.100minds.org/blossom-barnardos

Thank you in advance for supporting this invaluable project!

Alice Margetson