Hi Friends! This year I've decided to take part in 100minds. What's the craic with that, Colin? I'm glad you've asked, anonymous internet stranger. I've been lucky enough as a Physio to work with kids with intellectual & physical disabilities in my line of work. It's hands down great craic- I've seen first hand the effect your donations to services like Blossom Ireland can have on not only kids with these disabilities, but their families also. Services like occupational therapy that Blossom Ireland offers, not only gives these kids pure joy & fulfilment, they give them a shot at a normal childhood & lifelong skills so they can reach their potential in life. How sound is that?

100minds did a cracking job last year for Temple Street Hospital. As someone who spent so long in Temple Street as a child myself benefitting from philanthropic funding from kind individuals like yourselves, I spend every year wondering what I can do to give back and pay it forward. Gandhi, the smart lad he was, once said "Everything you do in life will be insignificant, but it is important you do it", so here's my attempt at being completely & utterly insignificant!

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