Hi everyone! Thanks for visiting my 100minds profile.

My name's Darragh, and i'm delighted to be taking part in 100minds 2014; which is a great initiative for 100 Irish students to collectively raise €150'000 for two worthy charities, Barnardos Ireland and Blossom Ireland. It's extremely easy to donate online via Visa/Master card etc. So for the price of a pint send me on my way to €1000.If you’re in a position to donate any amount, small or big, I can’t stress how much it is appreciated.All you have to do is to click "DONATE NOW" in order to make a donation. Any money raised will go straight to the charities themselves so you can be sure that they will receive your donation.

Over the coming months I will be updating my 100minds profile page with progress, you can check for updates on my twitter (https://twitter.com/DarraMcc). There will be information about some fundraising events available on both.

Thanks guys