First and foremost, I'm absolutely delighted to be part of this fantastic project, giving back to society via Barnardos and Blossoms Ireland. Two fantastic charities that help kids in a massive way.

In case you've come here not knowing what this is, let me explain: I'm part of a team of students who are fundraising for Barnardos and Blossoms Ireland. My goal is €1000, hopefully this will be surpassed. As a team, we really want to impact the lives of these kids all over the country who are suffering from abuse, poverty, neglect and disabilities.

And what is '100minds'? 100minds in simply an organisation who facilitate fundraising. We have mentors who help us along our path to raising our target. 100minds do not touch the money that we fundraise, when payments go through our online profile it goes straight into the charity's account. 100minds is a volunteer-run, non profit organisation, founded in 2013. At the end of the project we can all see exactly where each €1 fundraised has went, it is totally transparent. For this reason, we make real impact and it is clear to all who helped in the project.

I'll give a bit of information about our chosen charities:

Barnardos Ireland: Barnardos is a children’s charity who work with vulnerable children and their families in Ireland and campaign for the rights of all children. Barnardos was established in Ireland in 1962. They respond to the individual needs of each child and family with 14 different types of services, and aim to provide practical and professional supports to bring hope into situations where hope is sometimes lost.

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Blossoms Ireland: Blossoms mission is; To provide respite care to families with children with intellectual disabilities by providing safe, secure, fun and stimulating activities for the children during out of school hours. Blossoms was set up in 2010 by two passionate mothers. They do a huge amount of work and hold camps during school breaks for the children where they have great fun and are comfortable in the environment.

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So my campaign started in October and runs until February 27th. Your donation, no matter how big or small, will make a massive difference to the direct lives of these children and their families. I will run a number of fundraisers right up until February and I would greatly appreciate your support on my '100minds' campaign.

Donating is simple. Just click the red 'Donate Now' button in the top, right hand corner. It will take no longer than a minute! The money that leaves your bank account is instantly sent directly to Barnardos and Blossom Ireland. To find information about the spend breakdown, just visit

Thank you.