Welcome to my 100minds profile! My name is Hannah and I think that Maya Angelou is a very wise woman. My aim for the success of this project is to use my entrepreneurial mindset and passion to contribute in as big a way as I can to a cause that is very close to my heart. Please have a read of the outstanding charities that this movement supports below, and keep and eye on my blog to have the inside scoop on my big plans to hit my individual goal of €1000.

Through collaboration, innovation and determination, the 100minds team of bright and enthusiastic young students will aim to collectively raise €150,000 for Barnardos and BlossomIreland through new ventures, events, and independent projects. They are both fantastic charities that do incredible work for the most vulnerable in our society, Ireland's children.

Barnardos' work focuses on improving the life prospects of children who face barriers like poverty, abuse, neglect or bereavement. As having worked with an underprivileged school through the Junior Achievement programme this is a charity that I see as one of the most invaluable in our society. The invisibility of middle class poverty and neglect of children is incredible, with 100,000 Irish children living in consistent poverty (that's 1 in 10 Irish children) and the figures grow consistently with every year of economic hardship. Barnardos works to change the script for these kids to get them out of the poverty trap and offer them life changing opportunities. This is a charity that with the right funding, has the potential to change the face of future Ireland.

BlossomIreland is a non government funded charity that focuses on helping special children to grow. It was founded by two mums, Aveen and Orla, who saw a searing need for special summer camps for children with special needs, that offer special attention and special memories for incredible kids! This is a fantastic charity that relies completely on independent fundraising support so I am delighted to be able to contribute in any way I can through my 100minds activities.

Now that you've learned about these fantastic causes I'm sure you're as eager to help as I am! So what can you do?

If you have the means, direct donations are always incredibly welcomed, no matter how big or small every cent counts and goes DIRECTLY to specific charity projects, no middle man, no admin, no messing.

If you don't have the means to financially support the project right now, don't worry! You can make a huge impact by keeping an eye on my blog, spreading the word about my upcoming events, and if you're really fantastic, giving my profile a share on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

Thanks for popping by and your continued support, hope to see you again soon!