Hello friends and family, thank you for visiting my profile. I want to tell you a little about myself, more about what 100minds is and also cajole you into making a small donation which will make the greatest of difference to someones life.

So my name is Pádraig, but I'm known to everyone as Pac (a nickname I inherited as a baba). I'm a 2nd year Trinity student from the real capital, Cork. I'm a budding entrepreneur (a former aspiring dinosaur since the age of 3) with an open mind and huge, unrealistic goals. Of course this doesn't phase me, I really believe nothing is too big or unachievable in life. Go big or go home my grandfather always said.

So 100minds, what is it? 100minds is a volunteer-run, non profit organisation, founded in 2013, that brings together some of Ireland’s top students and connects them with one cause: to achieve big goals in a short space of time. By joining 100minds I have been challenged to raise €1000 in the most entrepreneurial way. Along with 149 other students, we aim to raise a combined €150,000.

So where does the money go? 100minds has partnered with two amazing Irish charities, Barnardos and Blossom Ireland, both dedicated to making this country a better, safer and happier place for children.

Barnardos work with over 8,900 children and families annually providing direct services, advice and practical support in 40 centres, based in some of the most disadvantaged communities in Ireland. Their work focuses on improving the life prospects of children who face barriers like poverty, abuse, neglect or bereavement.

Blossom Ireland offers children with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to access what every other typically developing child can without difficulty. Through the running of educational and fun camps, these special children can learn important skills meet new friends and receive occupational therapy.

What I am asking for? I am not asking for huge donations or a lot of money. All I ask is that you donate €1. What you can buy with €1: A burger from the eurosaver menu, half a cup of coffee, a bar, a packet of crisps, a can of beer from the recession fridge at your local offie, a can of beans, a bottle of water...the list goes on. I ask that instead of buying that chocolate bar, you donate €1. It may be small to you, but it is huge in the eyes of a child.

If everyone could share this page and donate just €1, we can raise enough money to make that difference in a child's life. Together we can not only reach this target, but we can blow it out of the water. (Of course if you're feeling affluent, why not splash out and donate €2? As Mrs Doyle from Father Ted would say, ahhhh g'wan g'wan g'wan)

All money raised goes straight to these charities and is completely transparent. For a spending breakdown of the money, click on this link: file:///C:/Users/P%C3%A1draig/Downloads/spend-breakdown-v7.pdf

Take a look at the 'Updates' section of my profile. I will keep you up to date on my progress and plans along the way.