Interns & MACH Go Thru' Hell & Back!

Hi there. Firstly, I would like to thank for you visiting my 100minds profile, and joining me in this adventure!

Let me introduce you to 100minds; a student-centered charity organisation supporting children's charities throughout Ireland. This year, 100minds is partnering with Barnardos & Blossom Ireland to raise €150,000 for children in need. Each participant is committed to raising €1000 by February 28th 2015.

So what's my project idea?
Unlike most students, I am currently on leave of absence from UCD to facilitate a 12-month internship @ Microsoft, where I started in July 2014. Seeing this as an opportunity, I decided to leverage my position and exposure to professional networks through this internship, and have organised a group of fellow interns to participate at the Hell & Back, a 10k obstacle endurance race on February 1st. Myself and small team will be seeking out our friends and colleagues for sponsorship for the event and hopefully will be able to raise great funds for the two charities, 'making it thru' would also be a great perk!

Please help and donate!
Last, but not least! Every bit of support given for this project will help to improve the lives and futures of children all over Ireland who are in great need of help. Please donate whatever you can to help these children, bringing a better future to the Ireland of tomorrow! Please feel free to follow me on Twitter using the tool below, where I will be posting regular updates on progress and check out the Updates section on this page too!

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