Hello allo and welcome to my 100minds profile!

I am lucky enough to have been selected to take part in this years 100minds project. The overall goal is to raise €150,000 collectively for Barnardos Ireland (http://www.barnardos.ie) and Blossom Ireland (http://www.blossomireland.ie) two amazing charities. This year 150 students have been selected to help achieve the €150,000 goal. This page will be where I post all information about my events and any more updates along the way!

My aim is to of fundraise at least €1000 in 100 days, this is where I am looking at YOU, yes you for support :)

I will be organising events in the next couple of weeks where I hope to achieve and surpass my aim of €1000. So keep an eye on my profile for more info, they'll be good craic, I promise!

How to donate? Tis simple! If you're feeling generous go on ahead and click on the 'Donate Now' box in the right hand corner ------>

ALL money donated will go straight to the two charities. No donation is too big or too small so please please please donate as much as you can to these two well deserving charities, your donation will make a great impact on these children's lives.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my profile, I'll be posting my fundraising event information on here shortly so make sure to pop back again soon!

Thanks again,